Are you new to ACH, have some experience or you’ve been processing ACH transactions for many years, this 3-part webinar bootcamp will cover details from the basics to the more complex issues when processing ACH transactions. Even if you’ve been processing ACH transactions forever, each part in this bootcamp will help you understand “the how” of the ACH network.

There are operations staff who process ACH transactions each day but still don’t really know how the ACH network flows and details surrounding their day-to-day processes. Knowing the details makes it easier to resolve those issues that may be few and far-between, plus knowing “how” transactions move within the network helps identify possible solutions to specific issues as they arise.

In the entire 3-part Payments Webinar series, attendees will hear details on:

  • History and basics of the ACH network, the flow of transactions, the five basic participants, their general responsibilities and roles
  • Basic legal framework of the ACH network
  • Common terminology and products/applications used
  • Settlement vs. Funds Availability and how this pertains to Same Day ACH
  • Overview on exception processes within ACH (Stop Payments, Returns, NOCs)
  • Timeframes for consumer notification when it comes to errors regarding EFT’s including the financial institution’s responsibilities
  • Regulation E and the Error Resolution Process
  • Same Day ACH – Credits and Debits and how this is changing the ACH Network
  • Reinitiation of Entries and the Reversal Process
  • Recently approved 2019 NACHA Operating Rules Changes and how they affect you as an ACH participant

ACH 301

Advanced Issues, Challenges and 2019 NACHA Rules Changes Overview      

Advanced topics within this session will include basics of Reg E and the Error Resolution Process.  Included will be Reversing files and Entries, and the details on the how and when for the ODFI relative to Reinitiation of Entries.  Recent 2017 NACHA Operating Rules changes and any info on upcoming or approved Rules changes.

  • Regulation E Basics and the Error Resolution Process and how this applies to ACH Entries
  • Reintitation of Entries and what this means to you as a participant in the ACH network
  • Details and ‘real-life scenarios’ examined as we identify the reversal process within the NACHA Operating Rules

An overview of recently approved NACHA Operating Rules for 2019 and Beyond will be included in this last ACH webinar session! 


AAP / VP Education, Dynamic Mastership Donna Olheiser

Donna, the Vice President of Education Services for Dynamic Mastership, is a Certified Master Trainer and an experienced Project Manager, with over 14 years’ experience managing education programs for organizations processing electronic payments and financial institutions operations areas. Prior to founding Dynamic Mastership 3 years ago, Donna served as the Education Services Director for UMACHA for 9 years. Donna began her career serving as Training and Development Specialist for the Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis.


1.5 CPE Credits & 1.8 AAP Credits