The ACH fundamentals aren’t so simple anymore. With Same Day ACH, there are options. In this training session, we will help attendees identify what is ACH network and examples of ACH electronic payments. The details for each of the five basic participants and the role they play during an ACH transaction will be discussed. Along with an extensive demonstration of the settlement process for both the “legacy ACH” and “Same Day ACH” processes, as there are differences. We will also cover the different types of ACH payments including the difference between a debit and a credit ACH transaction. This is a must-attend session. The ACH Network is not your same old network – it’s changed, there are now options and new opportunities.

In the financial services industry, there is constant turnover and training new employees on the basics of ACH electronic payments can be difficult and time-consuming. Perhaps you have staff that have been working in ACH for some time, come to work every day, follow a checklist, but have no idea what or how the ACH payments get processed. For these employees and others whose responsibilities pertain to ACH payments, this webinar will provide the basis of how ACH payments work.

With the implementation of Same Day ACH, there are now options when sending ACH transactions and the settlement and funds availability has changed as well.  Even if you thought you knew the ACH Network basics, this session will outline how it has changed since the implementation of Same Day ACH.

  • Identify what is the ACH network and examples of ACH electronic payments
  • List the five basic participants in each electronic ACH transaction
  • Outline the roles each participant plays in the processing of ACH electronic payments
  • Define the basic legal framework of the ACH network
  • Illustrate the most common types of payments that flow through the ACH network
  • Describe the settlement process for both the “Legacy ACH” and the Same Day ACH” processes
  • Define the different types of payments in ACH and the differences between a debit and credit ACH transaction

What are ACH payments, how do they work and what does that mean to a financial institution and its customers – are a few questions that will be answered during this introduction to ACH payment processing.

In this 90-minute information-filled payments webinar, attendees will discover the fundamentals of how ACH electronic payments work and the roles that each participant in the ACH network plays to make ACH payments effective, efficient and inexpensive. 


  • Donna Olheiser

    Donna Olheiser

    AAP / VP Education, Dynamic Mastership

    Donna, the Vice President of Education Services for Dynamic Mastership, is a Certified Master Trainer and an experienced Project Manager, with over 14 years’ experience managing education programs for organizations processing electronic payments and financial institutions operations areas. Prior to founding Dynamic Mastership 3 years ago, Donna served as the Education Services Director for UMACHA for 9 years. Donna began her career serving as Training and Development Specialist for the Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis.


1.5 CPE Credits & 1.8 AAP Credits