This 3-part Loan Webinar Bootcamp is designed to give banks and credit unions the insights and resources needed to understand how to properly set-up Commercial Loans from due diligence through booking and documentation. This 3-part Commercial Loan Webinar series is perfect not only for those new to Commercial Lending, but a great refresher for the seasoned lender or executive wanting to ensure compliance with current best practices and regulations. 


Structuring Commercial Loans Properly  

Why is the structure of a commercial loan so important? Borrowers borrow money to solve problems. Some good problems, some bad problems. The appropriate structure of a commercial loan is one of, if not, the most important influence in getting paid back on time.

In this 2nd part of the Commercial Loan training, you will become familiar with the following;

  • Identifying Cause and Effect (Why borrowers need to borrow).
  • Matching loan purpose to repayment source.
  • Using Loan Covenants to keep a borrower on track.


  • Robert Dyck

    Robert Dyck

    Robert Dyck Consulting / Principal

    Robert Dyck has been a banking executive in Southern California for 36 years. For the last 12 years he served as Executive Vice President and Chief Credit Officer of PacWest Bancorp and its banking subsidiary Pacific Western Bank. During this time he managed the acquisition and merger of 20 bank loan portfolios and the blending of 20 different credit cultures. He started his career as a commercial loan officer. In addition, he has held positions that included managing credit training programs, directing loan review departments and he served as a senior credit administrator in several community and regional banks,


3.0 CPE Credits & 3.6 AAP Credits