Have you completed your ACH Risk Assessment?

An ACH Risk Assessment is not only a valuable tool to help your organization identify the risks associated with its ACH program; this same ACH Risk Assessment helps identify mitigating factors, not to mention it is also required for all financial institutions per the NACHA Operating Rules. Developing a sound Risk Assessment program to continually monitor the areas of Risk, then analyze when an updated Risk Assessment is needed is crucial to your ACH program.

This ACH webinar includes proven steps for reducing and managing risks associated with sending and receiving ACH transactions.

The agenda for this timely and relevant online training includes:

  • ACH Risk Assessment Requirements
    • ODFI Risk Assessment
    • NACHA Rules & FFIEC Guidance

  • Elements of Best Risk Management Programs
    • Risk Management Methods Described
    • Frequency of Assessing Risks
    • Importance of Clear Policies and Procedures
    • ACH Origination and OFAC Policies
    • Authentication and Layered Security

  • Different Types of Risks Defined
    • Credit Risk Defined with Examples
    • ODFI Credit Exposure Controls
    • Exposure Limits
    • Operational Risks and Controls Defined with Examples
    • RDFI, Systemic and Fraud Risks and Controls
    • Third Party Risk Management

  • Additional Risk Exposures and Controls Required 


AAP / VP Education, Dynamic Mastership Donna Olheiser

Donna, the Vice President of Education Services for Dynamic Mastership, is a Certified Master Trainer and an experienced Project Manager, with over 14 years’ experience managing education programs for organizations processing electronic payments and financial institutions operations areas. Prior to founding Dynamic Mastership 3 years ago, Donna served as the Education Services Director for UMACHA for 9 years. Donna began her career serving as Training and Development Specialist for the Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis.


1.5 CPE Credits & 1.8 AAP Credits