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  • Friday, March 13, 2020

  • 2:00 – 3:00 pm (Eastern Time)

  • 1:00 – 2:00 pm (Central Time)

  • 12:00 – 1:00 pm (Mountain Time)

  • 11:00 – 12:00 pm (Pacific Time)


With the announcement in 2019 that The Fed will be implementing FedNow by 2023, the move towards ubiquity becomes inevitable. As more and more companies gain access to RTP through their banks or Third-Party Providers, RTP will significantly disrupt the status quo as both a new payment rail and a new technology. RTP will help drive business payments from check towards account-based payments.

More than two-thirds of executives surveyed for the January 2020 "Making Real-Time Payments a Reality" say they’re “very” to “extremely” aware of RTP, and over 85 percent report that they are now implementing RTP, or plan to, over the next three years.

"But will you be a market leader, a fast follower, or left behind?”

Why Now?

The payments industry is riding a new wave of change to take advantage of new payment systems, technologies, standards, and regulations. In the process, it will create more value for users and providers of payment services. Real-time payments and open banking are two of the most prominent changes in payments and financial services in decades. Everything is moving to a real-time exchange of information and data, and payments are no exception.

Join in to engage in a discussion on how the faster payments phenomenon can enhance:

  • Expand your organization’s payment options
  • Reduce payment risk (esp. for Third Party Senders)
  • Optimize and monetize data (e.g. values, market opportunities, or similar)

Read more about this critical topic in the article "Real-Time Payments – Will You be a Market Leader, Fast Follower or Left Behind"

Who Should Attend:

  • Fintech and financial institutions operations, sales, compliance and risk management personnel
  • Anyone wanting to learn more about faster payments evolution in the U.S.
  • Here first hand case studies of the real-time payments in the E.U. and how U.S. markets can benefit from E.U. implementation


  • Cindy Orozco, AAP NCP CAMS

    Cindy Orozco, AAP NCP CAMS

    Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) - Compliance Officer

    As Compliance Officer at Corporate Spending Innovations (“CSI”), Cindy oversees the company’s Risk and Compliance department and is tasked with identifying and evaluating changes in the payments regulatory landscape to mitigate inherent risks. Cindy has over 13 years of financial risk management experience. Prior to this role, Cindy was the principal of Payments Education & Consulting where she helped clients clearly navigate the payments regulatory landscape through consulting and compliance audits. As Director of Education, for a regional payments association she provided training to financial professionals in the areas of payments, audit and risk management. She graduated from University of Phoenix with a B.S. in Business Management. She has a passion for ensuring that companies can optimize its opportunities while navigating soundly through the ever changing regulatory landscape and enhance their competitive advantages.
  • Cairstine Findlay, PMP

    Cairstine Findlay, PMP

    Corporate Spending Innovations (CSI) - Program Manager, Global Partnerships and Implementations

    Cairstine Findlay has over ten years’ experience with Real Time Payments and her passion for bringing RTP to the US led her to move her whole family across the Atlantic. Cairstine joined CSI as part of the company’s initiative to expand the reach of its innovative payments solutions, maturing the business model and realizing their large-scale, major FI focus. New markets, new customers and new solutions require new ideas and new approaches.Her previous life running global pharmaceutical trials in complex, competitive, highly regulated, yet still highly innovative environments gave her the skills to lead change management programs within major suppliers to the Payments industry as well as running transformational projects with international and regional Banks. Pharmaceutical trials, transformational programs and payments implementation projects require concrete goals defined in terms of dates, performance measures and clear outcomes, if they are to be successful.  Each set of goals requires its own distinct, risk-aware, approach, especially within the current payments environment where fintech creativity meets regulatory necessity. Her passion is in making all of those a working reality.


1.0 CPE Credits & 1.2 AAP Credits