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Most banks conduct a safe deposit box rental business. The business is usually an accommodation for customers of the bank. The business is not a significant revenue raiser but can create serious risk. If the bank makes a mistake in the safe deposit area its liability is unlimited. For example, an improper access to a box generating as little as $100 per year can result in a claim against the bank that can be financially material to the bank’s earnings and capital.

Unfortunately, the safe deposit operations of a bank often are not given serious consideration from a control and risk prevention point of view. Vault employees often are tellers or other customer service personnel who treat safe deposit as a distraction from their regular assignments. Safe deposit training generally is not formal. It is treated simply as a cursory, on-the-job training affair. The overlooked and “not-taken seriously” safe deposit operation can result in large financial losses, embarrassment and damage to reputation.

The BankersHub “Safe Deposit Training Series” provides all personnel involved with any aspect of safe deposit operations with knowledge of the business, the risks and the procedures needed to minimize the risk.

While these sessions can be purchased individually, you save almost 50% if you register for all 9 as a bundle! Click on any of the links below to read more about the individual sessions:

This exclusive BankersHub training is an excellent way for banks to provide reasonably priced professional training to all safe deposit personnel, as well as Auditors, Policy Personnel, and Risk Officers.  It gives management comfort that employees know what to do to avoid the unlimited liability that exists in the bank’s safe deposit business. It shows regulators that the bank is serious about safe and sound practice in this unlimited liability arena.


  • Paul Sanchez

    Paul Sanchez

    PSA Professional Service Associates / Founder

    Paul J. Sanchez, CPA, CBA, CFSA conducts a CPA practice in Port Washington, New York. He is also the owner of Professional Service Associates (PSA), a consulting and professional training and development business servicing corporate clients (auditors, controllers, etc.), CPA firms, professional associations and others. He was an assistant professor at Long Island University – C.W. Post Campus as well as an adjunct lecturer at City University of New York. Prior to starting PSA, he was the Vice President-Professional Development for the Audit Division of a regional bank and Director of Professional Practices and Vice President of a money-center bank, where he directed the professional practice development and training for internal auditors.