The confusion over the Regulation E error resolution process for electronic fund transfers (EFTs) and the loss of a debit card can be complicated.

In this 90-minute Payments Webinar, basics of Regulation E will be covered, including basic definitions, such as consumer account and access device.

The Payments Webinar will also…

  • Discussion on defining the limits of liability andwhois liable for what amount while providing some real-life scenarios.
  • Providing details on the error resolution process for consumer notification to the financial institution, research time allowed, and the timing of provisional credit during the investigation
  • Guidelines on the “what if’ there is no error, the financial institutions responsibility in providing notice to consumer
  • Identifying how any overdraft protection is allowed when there is no error and that provisional credit is being reversed

Included in the discussion will be liability (maximum amounts) of the consumer and financial institution when there is the loss of a debit card.

Examples used during this session will help illustrate the handling of unauthorized consumer transactions about Regulation E and where the liability is applied (Hint: It is not always the financial institution – the “consumer” does carry some liability).

Takeaways that attendees will leave knowing:

  • Timeframes for consumer when reporting errors to the financial institution
  • Consumer liability and responsibility for unauthorized transactions
  • Loss or theft of Debit card and liability of which party for those transactions not authorized
  • Financial Institution liability and responsibility when handling errors to consumer accounts
  • Identify what is covered by Regulation E and what is not covered
  • List details on“What is an Error”
  • Describe the maximum dollar amount of liability for a lost or stolen access device (both consumer and FI)
  • Define the Error Resolution Process including timeframes 


  • Donna Olheiser

    Donna Olheiser

    AAP / VP Education, Dynamic Mastership

    Donna, the Vice President of Education Services for Dynamic Mastership, is a Certified Master Trainer and an experienced Project Manager, with over 14 years’ experience managing education programs for organizations processing electronic payments and financial institutions operations areas. Prior to founding Dynamic Mastership 3 years ago, Donna served as the Education Services Director for UMACHA for 9 years. Donna began her career serving as Training and Development Specialist for the Federal Reserve Bank, Minneapolis.


1.5 CPE Credits & 1.8 AAP Credits