3 Flexible Options to Meet Your Training Needs 

101 - Full Training, 12 sessions and Playbacks ($1,295)

201 - Key Elements, 8 sessions and Playbacks ($995)

301 - Expert Refresher, 4 sessions and Playbacks ($695)

Additional Notes and Disclaimers

  1. BankersHub AAP Preparatory Training is not affiliated, endorsed or associated with NACHA or Regional Payments Associations.

  2. While BankersHub makes NO guarantees or warranties regarding successful completion of the AAP exam, registrants who can demonstrate they took the AAP exam after completing the AAP Prep but failed to pass will be able to retake the BankersHub AAP Prep course again at no additional cost.

  3. Important Note for Passport Members: AAP Preparatory Training Series is available for 25% off Passport Membership discount.